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Welcome to Cedar-4-Sale ! We sell Cedar grilling planks cooking wood salmon planks. Using Cedar grill planks will spice up seafood, salmon,steaks with mild hint of smoked flavor, making you look like a professional chef. Evey meal will have your dinner guests begging you for your secret.  !!! Using our Cedar grilling planks are an easy and convenient way to get that rich cedar flavor that makes every meal taste like it's been cooked at a 5 star restaurant. Clean up is a snap, simple dispose of the cedar grilling plank,leaving you with more free time to enjoy the rest of your evening.


 Turn Bland ...into Grand !© 


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Alaskan Yellow Cedar Spindles

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Oak Plank Steak is a great new way to keep meals H O T even for the slowest eater's. You'll finally be able to get through dinner without gulping down the finial bits of cold potatoes, Instructions and receipts as well as how to prepare meals using our Plank Steak Serve'n eat.

Oak Plank Steak

Piping Hot- Egg Omlette with baked apple & fruits

Western Red Cedar Paper



Cedar grilling paper.

Cedar Paper is used for wrapping fish,shrimp as well as vegetables and cheese. Our Western Red Cedar grill paper will add a sweet cedar flavor to any side dish. EZ Grilling paper is high quality Western Red Cedar and is cut just thin enough to roll into a fantastic side entre'. Before Wrapping  food, soak the Cedar wrap in water, bourbon or apple juice for approximately 20 minutes this helps release the cedar flavor into the food. Place the Cedar paper onto the grill and cook on indirect heat. Cedar paper add that Wow! factor to your next grill party. Cedar paper is easy to use and, clean up is fast and easy. Each package of Cedar wraps contain 6 sheet measuring 7.25" x 8"

Hickory Wrap

Maple Wrap

Oak Wrap

Cherry Wrap

Cedar Wrap

Eastern White Cedar Spindles

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Cedar-4-Sale offers the finest in White Cedar Grilling Planks. Our cedar planks are designed specifically for cedar grilling your favorite Salmon, Steak,Chops and Veggies receipts. Enjoy bbq grilling planks with your summer picnics,elegant parties and family backyard BBQ's. White cedar grilling planks will add that perfect touch to any back yard barbecue. We offer a variety of cedar grill planks, different sizes, for Salmon grilling, whole fish grill planks 6-1/2x 15". Cedar for sale, Grilling planks are hassle free with no messy clean up afterwards, so you can Relax and enjoy yourself.  Wholesale pricing for commercial restaurants. Please call us at 412-931-4109 or E-Mail your inquiry to Sales@cedar-4-sale.com

  We can custom cut Widths...... custom Lengths....... Brand your company Logo ......Custom packaging ......

For more information or, Special Order sizes that we carry. Please look here on our site or feel free to email us with any questions for Wholesale inquiries for orders from 1,000 to 50,000/month. visit Wholesale grill planks

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